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Ignis (Original) & Soysauce (Original).
NC-17. Dubcon, the rest is TBA.

you are my knight, you are my night-night my evening. )
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Maeda Tomoaki (Hadaka Shitsuji) & Sakata Kenzo (GANTZ).
NC-17. Sex and gore.

at this point, discomfort swarms into my heart. )
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Okinaga Zenya (Sweet Pool) & Kazama Souji (Battle Royale II).
???. Probably a fistfight, anything further is TBA.

if i'm not mistaken i've torn your heart out three times now. )
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Ignis (Original) & Soysauce (Original).
NC-17. Sex, violence, torture, body fluids, piercing & bondage.

so twist the knife, fashion me counter clockwise. )
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Seki Masumi (Oyasumi Punpun) & Liu Jien (Omerta: Chinmoku no Okite).
NC-17. Warnings TBA.

you're screaming out, but no one's listening. )
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Tyki Mikk (D. Grayman) & Matou Kariya (Fate/Zero).
???. Warnings forthcoming.

the worms the worms the worms. )
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Seki Masumi (Oyasumi Punpun) & Liu Jien (Omerta: Chinmoku no Okite).
NC-17. Rape. Mindfuck. Violence. Murder.

i want you leather-choked and cuffed to my hand. )
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